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My name is Thomas Yurik and my company is called Thomas Yurik Designs. I’m a professional Art Designer / Photographer, based out of Chicago IL. I have been designing and creating rich, eye catching custom professional websites and graphics for clients and have been freelancing as a professional Graphic Art’s Industry for over 16 years now.

My first real graphic design job was as a pre-production operator working for the Unesco Corp in Itasca, readying files for overseas clients. My main job was making sure files would print properly, files were converted to CMYK, hi-res images and fonts properly placed, collected and then burned to CD or placed on FTP servers for print. My skills as a production designer included color separation on various jobs and extensive photo retouch using Photoshop.

Over the past 16 years as a designer I have worked on various projects as a freelance designer from corporate sites to music sites for many well known companies and magazines. Click Here to find out what my clients are saying about Thomas Yurik Designs!

I have been specializing in the design industry since 2001. As a musician / songwriter / guitarist. Music and Art both have been a great passion of mine and have always played an important roll in my life as a veteran on the design scene and as a fellow jobbing guitar player. I always wanted to incorporate both of my passions and always try to incorporate a unique visual approach to all my design ideas and development concepts.